Frequently asked questions, answers and tips

Does the All in 1 Box include Internet?
No, All in 1 Box only delivers the Live TV services and the associated software. We recommend that you purchase Internet with a minimum 100 Mbits because multiple users are connected via telephone, tablet or other devices.

Am I tied to a subscription after a certain period?
No, after the contract period you are free to renew or not.

Can the All in 1 Box Live Tv be used anywhere in the world?
We always lock your account to 1 country. We do this to prevent fraud. But if you travel a lot or go on holiday, we can switch it freely.

Can I use the subscription on different devices?
No, only on one device. The server sees by the mac addresses when a subscription is used on more devices than one. In that case, the server will disconnect, and you will unfortunately lose everything. If you want to watch on several devices at the same time, ask for our (discount) possibilities.

Do I need fibre optic internet to be able to use your Live TV?
No, we do recommend an internet subscription of at least 100 Mbits. For watching, you need a stable internet connection with a speed of at least 50 Mbps Wi-Fi and 25 Mbits LAN connection. Test this on the device itself.
A speed test on a mobile phone is not representative.

Is all in 1 box, reachable by phone?
No, because we are not located in Europe and to keep costs as low as possible, we have chosen to contact you by email.

Is my IP address linked to the subscription?
No, All in 1 Box does not store any data or log. Your data is automatically deleted after an order. It is therefore important to keep your order number and/or account number. You will need this when you contact us.

I have or see no channels.
Log out of your account (symbol on top of the app). Close and restart the app, then log in again.
If you still do not get a connection, check your internet. For example, check whether YouTube is working.
Under List Users, you will find your account.

Do I have to have a VPN to be able to watch?
No, not theoretically. Unfortunately, there are countries / providers in Europe and North America that block IPTV. Do not take Nord VPN, it does not always work well with our Live TV. We recommend VPN for Spain (Balearic Islands) and Germany.

I don't see any reviews on the site, why not?
Here, too, we safeguard the privacy of our customers. A European survey also shows that most reviews are generated by the site owners themselves. We do not participate in this. Our satisfied global customer base speaks for itself.