Android TV

Android TV
apps are different from Android apps for phones, tablets, etc.
Some apps are not available or do not function on Android TV.
If you have Android TV, check if you can download any of the apps first.
Before subscribing. NETIPTV / IPTV Stream Player / Tivimate / Namomid.
Do not use IPTV Smarter Pro because it gives error messages.
Some apps are free to use for a period of seven days.
 After that, you must pay a small fee to continue using them.

We do not give refunds!
We are willing to assist you in setting up our package on the apps NETIPTV and Namomid.
 When you order, please indicate as a note which App and the MAC address of the App.
Because our package is so large, we sometimes have to disable certain countries.
Since the apps are not developed by us, we are unable to guarantee their proper functioning.